Changes to the RSGB 50MHz awards

| May 20, 2021

The RSGB Awards Manager has reviewed the current 50MHz awards offered by the Society and concluded that the existing 50MHz 2-Way Countries and 50MHz DX Countries awards are significantly duplicating each other.

This has come about because, originally, the DX Countries award was for cross-band operation in the days when few countries had a 50MHz allocation, while the 2-Way Countries award was for contacts both ways on the band.

Cross-band operation is now a rarity and not really needed any more to enable contacts on 6m, so the intention is to amalgamate these two awards into one single 50MHz Countries award, but retaining all the incremental levels of award applied to both of the existing awards.

Those amateurs who are or have been working towards applying for both of these awards separately need not fear being left high and dry as they will not be removed from the website until the end of 2021.

A new award for operation 50MHz will be launching soon.

Category: Front Page News, RSGB Notices