RSGB 2020 HF contest survey findings

| April 8, 2020

The RSGB HF Contest Committee (HFCC) has just completed a survey, which was open to all, to help determine its strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Questions focused on two issues:

  1. How best to proceed with its ‘flagship’ IOTA Contest in 2020
  2. Is there a mandate for introducing a temporary HF contest series to provide some entertainment and support to our members and others who are currently staying at home

The committee had 656 survey respondents of whom just less than half are regular RSGB HF contest participants. The results will be useful in helping the HFCC plan for the next few months.

IOTA Contest

  • 374 respondents would normally take part in the IOTA Contest in July
  • A significant majority would prefer the contest to be retained in 2020 given the option that we run the contest for Single Operators using their home stations only
  • Some respondents asked us to allow remote operation of existing island or world stations – from any location. This is something that the HFCC will consider as a special case for 2020

Hope QSO Party – starting 6 April

  • 375 of those who have responded would like to participate in a series of short “QSO party” style weekday contests which would be run on a temporary basis
  • As a result, a six-week contest series was launched on Monday 6 April. This series is open to all entrants and not restricted to RSGB members. International participation is encouraged with the scoring being on an “Anyone works Anyone” basis
  • The series rules are online and are based directly on the preferences shown in the survey
  • All the series events are on the RSGB HF Contest Calendar
  • Please enter as many or as few events as you wish – you may like to concentrate on one mode or to try all four modes
  • Please spread the word both in the UK and outside it

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