YOTA 2017 and Strategy 2022

| September 11, 2017

As I write this I am just back from YOTA 2017; a week of intense activity and, whilst I am exhausted, I am invigorated by the feedback that shows the event to have been a great success. The event was an excellent demonstration of our Strategy 2022 in action and it is worth looking at how those high level strategy words can become much more tangible.

Did YOTA fit with our Purpose? The event certainly promoted and enhanced the use, understanding and enjoyment of wireless communication for those in attendance – just take a look at the Daily Video Diaries on the RSGB website if you need convincing of that! There was much media attention and social media was alive with tweets, re-tweets and likes around the globe. Some of the Scouts who watched our ARISS contact were ready to join a Foundation course the very next day.

Did we stick to our Values? The happy smiling faces that were clear to see confirmed Enjoyment was being had in learning about and using wireless communications, even when ARDF was effectively done ‘under water’ on the wettest August day ever. Progression was made in terms of overseas amateurs learning about UK training, assessment and exams and in many of the attendees experimenting with new modes or building transceivers for the first time; there were so many firsts during the week, I lost count. The Community spirit enshrined in the phrase ‘International Friendship through amateur radio’ was a real pleasure to observe; the diversity of around 80 youngsters from 26 countries gives you real optimism for the future of the amateur radio service and the IARU. And of course we could not have done any of this without the Service delivered by RSGB volunteers, HQ staff and helpers from our Affiliated Radio Clubs.

Will any of this help us meet our Goal for 2022? As a one-off event, maybe not, but it did highlight the fact that young people still find amateur radio fun, challenging and educational. There was also lots of evidence of youngsters with impressive expertise in wireless technology, ranging from brand new digital modes to high speed Morse sent by hand. If the engagement, enthusiasm, determination and success we witnessed at YOTA 2017 can be replicated in our contests, Club meetings, Conventions, DXpeditions, etc, we cannot fail to have an active thriving amateur radio community, supported by a strong, representative and influential RSGB by 2022.

You and your Clubs are part of the RSGB and you can use the RSGB Strategy to guide your activities and help contribute to the overall delivery of our Strategy. When you are planning your activities, see if the Priorities help spark ideas: What can you do to promote the Growth of amateur radio? Can you help with EMC issues to maintain and enhance our ability to use Spectrum? How can you support and encourage active Participation? Can you carry out some Research? How can you encourage people to experience the Diversity of amateur radio activities and radio amateurs? How can you help to increase our Membership? Who do you think deserves Recognition for their achievements/contributions? Can you help the RSGB Organisation in a more formal way by volunteering or standing for election?

Not everyone will be able to contribute to all of the Priorities but if we all do something, we can meet that 2022 goal together.

Steve Hartley, G0FUW
RSGB Director & YOTA Project Manager


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