Examinations Group Chair, Alan Betts, G0HIQ retires

| July 28, 2017

Alan Betts, G0HIQ has recently chosen to step down from his long-standing and much-valued role as Chair of the Examination Group. He will continue as part of the Group and to contribute to the examination system in numerous ways, not least being the lead tutor at his local amateur radio group.

Alan first became involved with the amateur radio Exams Committee at its inception in 2001 when he was working for the Radiocommunications Agency (Ofcom’s forerunner), responsible for amateur, marine and aeronautical licensing. On retirement from full-time work in 2006 Alan’s voluntary roles with the RSGB expended and he became the Chief Examiner for the RCF and Chair of the RSGB Examinations Committee, a position he has held since.

Although the Exams Committee was initially formed to develop the Foundation exam and licence, as RSGB and Ofcom re-shaped the licencing structure and City and Guilds withdrew from amateur radio, the Exams Group developed the syllabus and exam for the new Intermediate and Advanced levels.

G0HIQ's Chief Examiner tankard

G0HIQ’s Chief Examiner tankard

The RSGB thanks Alan for his 15 years as Chairman and the incalculable help he has provided in shaping the Foundation, Intermediate an Advanced exams. He has made amateur radio an accessible hobby for thousands of people and we look forward to benefitting further from his experience in the future. Members of the Examination Group presented Alan with a comemmorative tankard engraved with, among other things, ‘CHIEF EXAMINER’, as a token of thanks for his contributions.


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