VHF Contesting

| February 7, 2017

There is a current external online petition about RSGB VHF/UHF/SHF contesting.  It is mainly about dissatisfaction with an important rule change and how it was introduced.  The change sought to address the 2015 Review recommendations about geographical weightings and scoring. The new scoring system is on a one-year trial with review.

When there is a problem, the Society wants to hear the views of members. They are both recognised and respected but the Society must draw attention to existing procedures. If informal approaches are proving unsuccessful, the Society would look to use of its complaints procedure rather than an external petition in order to explore all internal channels first. We have viewed “Have Your Say” comments, individual emails and seen much chatter on social media channels. Concerns have been duly considered but, to date there has been no formal complaint. The complaints procedure is on the RSGB website and any related complaints would be considered together.

Before the petition was launched it had been announced that the President is to write a report on the implementation of the 2015 Review which will allow for wide consideration of progress – warts and all! Its purpose, of course, is to help improve contesting. Much has already been achieved but we all know there is plenty more which could be done if there are volunteers prepared to lead. The report will be made available to members and is due to be completed by early April (i.e. in time for the AGM).  The questionnaire should appear on the website this week.  In order to be able to complete the report on time, the President invites members to be forthright in their responses but also factual and courteous.


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