VDSL interference

| January 10, 2017

The RSGB’s Electromagnetic Compatibility Committee (EMCC) has worked with BT Technology Services and Operations and also Openreach to design a new process to improve the way multiple line checks are done. This can only be used where the EMCC has received reports from amateurs that it checks and believes are caused by VDSL RFI. In these cases, lines in the near vicinity of the complainant can be checked remotely to see if they exhibit line faults that may increase VDSL RFI problems. If metallic line faults are identified, Openreach will then take steps to fix them.

If you want to follow this route please request a form from emc.chairman@rsgb.org.uk  The EMCC will review the case and, if appropriate, will pass it to Openreach for remote testing of your line and nearby lines. This process can take several months to complete especially if there are many lines to check.

In the trials to date, around 20% of amateurs who have had this check done have reported much reduced RFI after fault correction, another 20% have seen some improvement and about 60% of problems were identified as possible issues in home wiring that Openreach is not in a position to address.

The RSGB is grateful to Openreach for providing this service to help amateurs reduce the RFI caused by line faults.

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