Ofcom-RSGB Forum – 23 June 2015

| June 29, 2015

RSGB logo and Ofcom office

Approval of NoV requests for beacons and repeaters

It was noted that, according to Ofcom records, only four requests were awaiting clearance from the primary user. It was agreed that the RSGB would notify Ofcom of any others that appeared to be outstanding.

It was agreed that the RSGB should satisfy itself that any potential conflicts with frequencies allocated on primary bands by other regulators were resolved with the relevant IARU Member Society before an application was submitted for approval.

New licences

Ofcom reported that all licences had now been varied to comply with the new licence terms and conditions. It was noted that guidance notes to accompany the licence documentation would be published later in the summer.

Licence revalidation

Ofcom reported that plans would be drawn up to revoke licences that had not been revalidated as required by the licence conditions. It was agreed that the RSGB would draw attention to the fact that this was an ongoing process, noting that every month some 200 licences became due for revalidation.

WRC 15

It was noted that preparatory work on international harmonisation of amateur allocations in the 5 MHz band ahead of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) this November was delicately poised.

WRC 19

It was reported that the main proposed topics for consideration within CEPT as amateur service agenda items for the WRC in 2019 were likely to be

  • Harmonisation of 1800-2000 KHz
  • Allocation of 50 MHz in Region-1

In addition there are proposals for the next generation of mobile broadband (5G), to which the Society indicated its concern where these may overlap amateur allocations

Interference: amateur on amateur

Discussions were held over existing open cases and Ofcom recent actions to date explained.

It was agreed that further work should be carried out by the RSGB (AROS) and Ofcom to ensure that an efficient and effective process is put in place to facilitate coordination.

It was reported that the RSGB were considering investments to improve VHF direction finding and thus increase the usefulness of information passed to Ofcom.

Ofcom reported on several cases where there appeared to be confusion within the amateur radio community of the legislation governing operation on the 27 MHz CB band. It was agreed that Ofcom would write an article for RadCom about licence exempt operation that might also cover PMR 446 rule changes.


The RSGB explained the wide range of activities it was undertaking to understand and combat sources of interference experienced by amateurs, noting that it was not just the amateur bands that were affected. Ways of improving communication and joint working were discussed, and Ofcom agreed to reflect on the policy implications of joining with the RSGB in the endeavour.

It was noted that the proposed Wireless Telegraphy (Control of Interference from Apparatus) regulations that would change Ofcom’s enforcement powers were expected to be enacted before the end of the year.

Policy on temporary call signs and call sign enhancement

It was reported that the above policy had been published on the Ofcom website, noting that Ofcom would be issuing no new permanent regional secondary locators. Ofcom agreed to clarify some of the provisions concerning club call signs and the structure of temporary call signs.

146-147 MHz NoV

Ofcom agreed that these could be renewed for a further year, subject to a review of the terms. RSGB would arrange for new NoVs to be sent to all current holders when the existing ones expired.

71 MHz NoV

It was agreed that further work was needed on the proposed NoV, recognising that approvals would be strictly time limited.

Ofcom attendance at Hamfest and RSGB Convention

It was noted with regret that Ofcom staff could not be in attendance this year due to prior commitments although they expected to attend in future.

UK Spectrum Forum meeting

It was noted that the RSGB would be making a presentation at the meeting at TechUK on 30 June at which Ofcom would be in attendance.

Dates of future meetings

  • 3 December 2015
  • 15 March 2016
  • 5 July 2016

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