VHF Spectrum Release

| March 22, 2014

Following a VHF Spectrum Release in the range 143 – 156 MHz “Call for Input” by Ofcom in August 2012 the RSGB, supported by the BATC and AMSAT-UK, submitted some firm and challenging proposals in October 2012, which were reported in our GB2RS News coverage. See


At the Society’s regular meeting with Ofcom on 13th March 2014, we were pleased to hear details of a planned announcement on the outcome of this “Call for Input”, that is expected in early April. Whilst the Society was asked to await Ofcom’s announcement, some details arising from a different stakeholder meeting have been circulating that refer to access for amateurs in the UK to the band 146 – 147 MHz along with some limitations and restrictions.

The Society’s wider work in relation to spectrum management, along with the response above, can be found by following About Us > Committees > Spectrum Forum > SF-Papers and Consultations.

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