Special Events News – 28 May 2023

| May 26, 2023

OL100RADIO, OL100RJ, OL23RADIO and OL23RJ are the special callsigns for the Czech Radio Club to mark 100 years of broadcasting in Czechoslovakia. Look for activity on all bands and modes until the 18 June. A certificate will be available. For more information visit the QRZ.com pages associated with each of the special callsigns.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first Trans-Tasman amateur radio contact, members of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters will be operating special callsign ZL100 until the 25 July.

North Bristol Amateur Radio Club, in partnership with South Bristol Amateur Radio Club, is holding a special event to commemorate the loss of flight 777a on the 1st of June 1943. The flight was en route from Portugal to Whitchurch Airport, now defunct, in Bristol. The event has been granted the rare callsign GB80AGBB. The station will be active from 10am until 5pm from the 30 May to the 3 June on the 20 and 40m bands and on the Southwest DMR Cluster Talk Group 950. Contact can also be made via the FreeDMR Network on Talk Group 777. For more information, visit the GB80AGBB page on QRZ.com or email gb80agbb@gb7bs.com

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