Special Events News – 27 November 2022

| November 25, 2022

Leyland and District Amateur Radio Club will be active as GB9LD for Lancashire Day today, 27 November. Activity will take place on the 40m to 70cm bands. At 1500UTC the club will read the Lancashire Day Proclamation on HF and toast His Majesty King Charles III, Duke of Lancaster. All are welcome to join in. Enquiries to ladar@mail.com

On Thursday 1 December, GB1WH will begin operating. The Special Event Station has been established to promote the work done by Wakefield Hospice. For more information, visit the GB1WH QRZ.com

GB1LJF begins its on-air activities on Thursday 1 December. The Special Event Station is operating to celebrate the manufacturing of the English Electric Lightning aircraft in Lancashire. More information is available via the GB1LJF QRZ.com page.

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