Special Event News – 25 March 2018

| March 23, 2018

From Monday, 26 March until Sunday, 8 April, Paul, MI1AIB will be operating GB8BKY and GB8EGT for this year’s RAFARS Airfields On The Air event. GB8BKY for the former RAF Ballykelly is from his home QTH, while GB8EGT, for the former RAF Eglinton, will be from his work QTH courtesy of City of Derry Airport. Operations will be mostly holiday style, and notified by the usual social media outlets whenever possible.

Chris Clark, W6CBC, will be activating K2BSA/6 at Camp Emerson Leadership Camp in Idyllwild, California from 24 to 26 March. This leadership camp will prepare new unit leaders with the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops curriculum, and introduce and demonstrate radio scouting to these new leaders—more information at k2bsa.net.

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