Special Event News – 24 December 2017

| December 22, 2017

The main special event station news is GB17YOTA, for Youngsters on the Air month. This call sign will be aired by clubs up and down the country during the month of December. This Sunday, the 24th, will see Mid-Ulster ARC finish their two-day session, the 28th sees Leicester RS takes over, followed by Telford and District ARS on the 29th. Finally, on the 30th and 31st, the call sign will be in operation at the RSGB’s National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park. The GB17YOTA team particularly invites young people, licensed or not, to come and get their first taste of operating a top-notch station. If you are an RSGB member, you can also print a voucher for free entry to Bletchley Park—log into RSGB Membership Services to get your voucher. All enthusiasts are welcome to the event, both young and old, licensed or not. For more information, email yota.month@rsgb.org.uk.

Celebrating the valve equipment produced by KW Electronics Ltd of Dartford Kent, GB2KW will be active between 1 and 28 January. Run by members of the Sutherland ARS, they will be operating from near Invergordon, Scotland. All QSOs with GB2KW will be confirmed electronically only on Club Log and the ARRL’s Logbook of The World. GB8KW will be operated by Cray Valley ARS.

MX0PHX and MX0YHA will be on air for the third Robin Hood Special Yuletide VHF Award activity on December the 24th and 31st. Activity will be on 2m FM between 10am and 4pm. More details at www.robinhoodradio.uk.

Welland Valley ARS will host a series of special event stations in 2018 to mark the end of World War I, in remembrance of the millions who were killed or wounded. A total of 12 special call signs have been applied-for and will be put on air during the year: GB1GW is the call sign to look for during January. See www.qrz.com/db/GB1GW for QSLing options and details about the certificates available.

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