Special Event News – 3 December 2017

| December 1, 2017

The main special event station news is GB17YOTA on the air for Youngsters on the Air month. This call sign will be aired by clubs up and down the country during the month of December. This Sunday, the 3rd, sees the Wessex Contest Group operating the call. On Tuesday, Carrickfergus ARG take over, then Southampton University Wireless Society on Wednesday. Chertsey Radio Club will working with 6th Staines Scout Group on Thursday and this will ensure that any one who missed JOTA last week will have a chance to go on air and complete their communicators badges. On Friday, the callsign transfers to Hilderstone Radio Club. Over the weekend Worksop ARS will operate on Saturday and Mid-Ulster ARC next Sunday. A list of activations can be found on page 8 of the December edition of RadCom.

GB2ROR will be on the air from BBC Broadcasting House, London on 7 December on 40m HF and 2m VHF in memory of Radio 4 announcer Rory Morrison, who died of a rare form of cancer in 2013. The radio station will coincide with the annual BBC staff bake-off organised each year by Radio 4’s Susan Rae in aid of Rory’s charity. The operator will be Jonathan, M5AEO.

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