Special Events News – 20 August 2017

| August 18, 2017

The 19th and 20th is International Lightships and Lighthouses weekend, with numerous special event stations active around the world. We gave details of a number of stations in last week’s bulletin, which we won’t repeat today. The official list of all 436 entrants, including around 25 UK special event stations, is at www.illw.net.

A wide range of special event stations are also expected to be on the air to mark, or experiment with, the solar eclipse that will cross the USA on Monday.

A special event station will be active from The Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre Open Day from 10am-4pm on 26 and 27 August. Contact Ewan Cameron, MM0BIX, on 01674 676 740 for more details.

Rugby Amateur Radio Transmitting Society will operate GB0RRS from 10am on Saturday, 26 August until 12.00 on Friday, 22 October, celebrating Rugby Radio Station.

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