Special Events News – 2 April 2017

| March 31, 2017

GB8EGT will be on the air from RAF Eglington in Londonderry and GB8BKY will be on the air from RAF Ballykelly in Limavady, both until 9 April, operating holiday-style. Contact Paul Lewis, MI1AIB by email to paul.m1aib@gmail.com.

A Canadian-led DXpedition-style event will activate the 100 hectare WWI battle site, Vimy Ridge, as it is the centenary of the April 1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge. A commemorative amateur radio station will go on the air from the summit of Vimy Ridge on 1 April and continue until dusk on the 9th. Seventeen operators, drawn from the ranks of Canadian and French contesters and DXpedtioners, will run two stations 24 hours per day, using SSB, CW and digital modes on 160 through 10 metres. The radios will be Elecraft K3s and KPA 500s with Spiderbeams, verticals and dipoles for antennas. More information at ve100vimy.ca.

South Kesteven ARS will put GB5ROC on the air on Sunday, 2 April, from Post 62, Buckminster, the Royal Observer Corps Cold War Nuclear Bunker, operating as a part of Britain on the Brink.

French radio club F8KHW will be running a portable station from Wailly-les-Arras on 8 April for the centenary of the Battle of Arras that began on 9 April 1917. They will be operating, on 2m FM and SSB, 40m and 20m SSB, CW and PSK.

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