Special Event News – 16 October 2016

| October 14, 2016

As mentioned earlier there will be many JOTA stations on the air this weekend so please don’t hesitate to give them a call if you hear them.

Special event radio ON4CLM is marking the anniversary of the Canadian Liberation March. This was a 33km march by Canadian troops to liberate the town of Knokke in 1944. This is the 35th year that the call sign has been used, and it will be active until 14 November. Details, including how to claim a free award, are at qrz.com/db/on35clm.

VI50CC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Cooby Creek satellite tracking station throughout October. The station used leading-edge technology for its day including liquid helium cooled low noise amplifiers, and was the first to transmit and receive 6GHz TV signals across the Pacific. More information at www.ddrci.org.au.

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