Special Events News – 24 January 2016

| January 22, 2016

GX0MWT and GB2LBD will be among the stations active for RNLI SOS Radio Weekend today. Check out the website www.sosradioweek.org.uk for the full listing.

On the 22nd and 23rd, there will be a commemoration of Francis Bacon, born in 1561, and Robert Boyle, born in 1627. MX0YHA and MX0PHX will be on the air and contacts will qualify for the British Scientists award. These commemorations will be on the 40m band SSB and also on the higher bands if conditions permit.

Owen, M1OJS, will be running GB0HLB from Hartlepool Lifeboat Station for SOS Radio Week on the 24th and again on the 30th and 31st. He will be active on 2m and the HF bands. He looks forward to working as many other amateurs as possible.

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