Special Events News – 25 January 2015

| January 23, 2015

Today, the 25th, Chelmsford ARS will be on its second day operating GX0MWT in support of the RNLI SOS Radio Weekend. The stations should be on the air on HF and 144MHz using SSB, data and CW from 10.30am to 5pm from the Marconi Sailing club at Steeple in Essex on the river Blackwater.

Riviera ARC in Torquay will be running GB4TLB in support of SOS Radio Week. Plans are to be mainly active on 40m and 2m and depending on band conditions, they may also use 17m and 15m.

Edmund Spicer, M0MNG is taking part in the SOS Radio Week, active mainly on weekday evenings on 40m SSB, with some activity also on 2m SSB and FM in southern England. More details can be found on his QRZ.com page.

Farnborough and District Radio Society is celebrating half a century of support and promotion of amateur radio. G50FRS will be operating until 30 November including the nets every Monday on 1995kHz at 8pm and Friday on 144.675MHz at 8pm. All are welcome to call and join in. For more information visit www.farnboroughradio.org.uk.

Wearside Electronics Amateur Radio Society will be operating on 31 January from Marine Walk, SR6 0PP, for SOS weekend under the callsign GB2SLB. Operation will be on HF only.

The Mid-Ulster Amateur Radio Club will be continuing their support of SOS Radio Week for the RNLI by activating the club callsign today, 25 January. MN0VFW will be on air from before sunrise to late afternoon on most bands as propagation allows. All local amateurs are encouraged to call in on 145.500 and say hello or to get directions to arrange a visit to the shack.

OU0POLIO will be on the air until 31 December 2016 using all band and all modes in celebration of the 110th anniversary of Rotary International. The activities will be from various QTHs and in various contests. QSL and other information is on QRZ.com.

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