Special Events News – 3 August 2014

| August 1, 2014

Today, 3 August, sees the start of a very unusual special event callsign, GB1418WAR, commemorating the 1914-1918 First World War. Activity will be from Top Band to 28MHz, mainly on SSB but with some CW. QSL via M0OXO.

Next weekend, 8 and 9 August, a demonstration station will be at the Mull of Galloway Festival Weekend Special Event at the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse, Drummore, Stranraer DG9 9HP. As well as a demonstration station they will also show Ian, MM5WIG’s video of GM100RSGB at the Mull of Galloway.

Barrack Point Lighthouse on Sherkin Island in County Cork will be on the air during the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society contest on 3 August, US National Lighthouse Day on 7 August and the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend weekend on 16 and 17 August. Barrack Point Lighthouse has been designated IE0014 by ILLW. A QSL card will be sent to all stations worked.

Essex CW Club will put GB2VJ on the air from 8 August to 4 September to mark events on 14 August 1945, when it was announced that Japan had surrendered to the Allies, effectively ending WW2.

The declaration of the First World War was made from Whitehall at 11pm on 4th August 1914. By midnight the high powered spark generator at Poldhu in Cornwall broadcast the news to all British Merchant ships using the call sign ZZ. To mark the centenary, the Radio Officers’ Association have organised an event in collaboration with the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club. The call sign GB100ZZ will operate from 4 August from the original site where the message was sent. The special event is to honour the sacrifice made by all wireless operators during the Great War, irrespective of side. See the website at www.500kcs.org for full information.

Burton upon Trent AC is holding a special event at the National Brewery Museum on 3 August with the callsign GB2ALE. The event is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of one of the club’s founders, Mr F.V.A. Smith, XSR, receiving a message from the Marconi spark transmitter at Poldhu on the eve of World War 1, announcing the mobilisation of French and Belgian troops. Main operations will be on all HF bands and there will be talk-in available on 2m. Full details are at www.burtonarc.org.

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