Special Events News 11 May 2014

| May 9, 2014

Dengie Hundred ARS will be active on the HF bands, mainly 40m and 2m, with GB0SMA for the annual Stow Maries Vintage Fly-In today, 11 May, from 10am until 6pm each day. More information on QRZ.com
Farnborough and District Radio Society will be operating their Mills on the Air Station, GB2EM, from Elstead Mill, Surrey GU8 6LE. The Station will operate until 5pm on the 11th. Most operation is likely on 80 and 40m. Further details may be obtained from G4OQZ, QTHR.
GB6MW will be aired on 11 May by Cray Valley Radio Society at Meopham Windmill as part of National Mills Weekend. The station is located at Wrotham Road, Meopham Green, Kent DA13 0QA and will be active on HF, 4m and 2m.
Ruiton Mill, the home of Dudley & District Amateur Radio Society, will be active for Mills On The Air on 11 May with the callsign GB2RM. Operations will be on the HF & VHF bands.
Lincoln Short Wave Club plan to operate from two historic windmills on 11 May as part of Mills on the Air weekend. Heckington Windmill will see operations using the callsign GB2HWM and Ellis Mill will host GB5EM. Visitors are welcome from 10am to 4pm.
12 May 2014 would have been Tony Hancock’s 90th birthday and Coventry Amateur Radio Society will be operating GB8TH from his birthplace at 41 Southam Road, Birmingham on that day.
Lincoln Short Wave Club will run GB5DAM as a Dambusters memorial from 2100 on the 16th to 0900 on the 17th.

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