Updated RSGB Discovery Scheme

| June 21, 2024

Have you tried the updated RSGB Discovery Scheme? Now called the Discovery Logbook, there are fewer requirements, an easy-to-follow programme and exciting links with external organisations such as Parks On The Air and Worked All Britain. There are also some great RSGB Awards to work towards if you’d like to include those in your own programme of activities.

As a relatively new radio amateur, Jim, ME7HEF had found that the sheer breadth of the hobby made it a little difficult to know where to start. The Discovery Scheme gave him a simple structure to try various aspects of amateur radio and he has really enjoyed it.

Read more about Jim’s experience on the ‘Your stories’ section of the RSGB website and follow the links to find out how you could try something new using the Discovery Logbook.

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