Resumption of face-to-face exams

| October 1, 2021

Face-to-face exams in RSGB registered exam venues have been suspended during the past 18 months when clubs were unable to meet in-person due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time over 6,800 candidates have taken remote-invigilation online exams through self-training and/or distance learning.

Now that Covid-related social-distancing restrictions are ending, clubs can meet again and re-start in-person training for those candidates who want it.

Naturally, tutors are wanting to know if, and when, face-to-face exams will be resumed. This has been under discussion over recent weeks by the RSGB’s Exams Department.

After trialling a new club online booking system, we can now announce the following:

  1. From Wednesday 6 October clubs will be able to start booking online exams using the new club online booking system
  2. From Monday 1 November clubs will be able to start booking paper-based exams using the new club online booking system
  3. All bookings must be made online; we won’t be accepting paper or email applications

We are re-starting paper exams temporarily, but we expect to phase them out in the future except where candidates have specific additional needs. We will share further details of our plans in the coming weeks.

You will find the new booking system on our website from Wednesday 6 October 

If you have any questions regarding the new club online booking system once it is live, please refer to the FAQs. For any subsequent questions please use the link on the bottom of the FAQs.

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