Ofcom updates EMF guidance document and calculator

| June 18, 2021

The guidance document What you need to know as an amateur radio user has been updated, as has the Ofcom EMF calculator.

The guide provides an overview of what you need to do to comply with Ofcom’s EMF licence condition

Links to all of the documents and calculators can be found on our website

This updated guide is much simplified from the earlier version and now comprises just four steps.

Step 1 – Do I need to comply?

Step 2 – Carrying out a compliance check

Step 3 – Managing compliance

Step 4 – Keeping an appropriate compliance record

Carrying out a compliance check to find exclusion zones now refers to just three methods: using an Ofcom table to look up distances, using the Ofcom or RSGB calculator, or using a pre-assessed configuration to give less conservative exclusion zones.

If you need to use more advanced techniques like detailed modelling or measurements you are referred to Ofcom’s “Guidance on EMF Compliance and Enforcement “ previously published for all spectrum users.

Ofcom has also published (for all spectrum users) an updated calculator v 1.0. which allows for use of ERP or EIRP and provides a power calculation tool.

The RSGB calculator v10, tailored specifically for amateur use, will be released soon which includes mode dependent power reductions, updated feeder losses and antenna gain tables and the updated low power compliance condition.

Remember the key dates for compliance are:

  • 18 November 2021 for frequencies you are using at or above 110 MHz
  • 18 May 2022 for frequencies you are using above 10 MHz but below 110 MHz
  • 18 November 2022 for frequencies you are using at or below 10 MHz

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