RSGB election candidates

| February 12, 2021

The nomination period closed at 2359 on 31 January and we are pleased to report that the following candidates were duly nominated:

Dr Stewart Bryant, G3YSX
Simone Wilson, M0BOX

Elected Board Director
John Louis Spurgeon, G4LKD
Rob Wilkes, 2W0HQD
Dave Wilson, M0OBW
Simone Wilson, M0BOX
Christopher Wood, GD6TWF

As there are more candidates than vacancies there will be a Member vote to determine the outcome.

In this election one candidate, Simone Wilson, M0BOX, has exercised her right under Bylaw 4.5 to stand for Board Director as well as President. Bylaw 5.4 sets out a different voting arrangement as a consequence and Members will be asked to vote for not more than two candidates for Board Director. If Simone is elected as President and has the highest number of votes in the Board Director vote then the person with the second highest number of votes will be duly elected; otherwise the Board Director successful candidate will be the one with the highest number of votes.

Nominated Board Director
The RSGB Nominations Committee has selected two candidates to be offered for endorsement as Nominated Board Director as part of the voting process. The candidates are:
Paul Devlin, G1SMP
David Hills, G6PYF

Voting will open on 17 March and close on 22 April 2021 and will be conducted online by Civica Election Services, as usual. Postal voting will also be available. The outcome of the election will be reported at the AGM which will be held on 24 April. Details about how to vote together with the Candidates’ CVs and Personal Statements will be in the April RadCom which will arrive in mid-March. They will also be available on the RSGB website from 17 March when voting opens.

We would like to thank the candidates for standing and also the 134 Members who nominated Board candidates – the highest number ever for an RSGB election.

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