RSGB 2020 Convention Online – two more great talks

| September 11, 2020

During the online RSGB 2020 Convention, you will be able to enjoy some excellent lectures.

On Saturday, 10 October 2020, the RSGB will be putting on two streams online for everyone to enjoy.

In An introduction to… we will have a pictorial introduction to data modes by Mike Richards, G4WNC.

He will guide viewers through the basics of data modes operation, explaining the commonly used terms and the development of the modes in general use today.

In the Learn more about… stream, Alwyn Seeds, G8DOH will look at VHF/UHF radios for contesting and DXing.

The talk will discuss the important specifications for high performance VHF and UHF radios and how these can most easily be achieved.

For transmitters, the importance of achieving low radiated noise will be explained.

The talk will be illustrated with measurements for a variety of radios based on both conventional and software-defined radio design approaches.

You can find out more at

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