Latest RSGB 2020 Convention information

| September 4, 2020

During the RSGB 2020 Convention online, you will be able to enjoy some excellent lectures.

On Saturday, 10 October 2020, the RSGB will be putting on two streams online for everyone to enjoy.

In An introduction to… we will have How to Get the Most Out of Your Dealer For Your Part-exchange with Martin Lynch, G4HKS—after over 42 years in the amateur radio business, Martin knows a thing or two about trade-in values for equipment and accessories, and he’ll explain the best method of achieving the most for your part exchange or outright sale.

In the Learn more about… stream, William Eustace, M0WJE will look at DSP: Underlying Concepts—digital signal processing is built into most new radios for the amateur market while tools like GNURadio have enabled amateurs to assemble signal processing systems with little or no code, and William plans to give an easily-understood explanation.

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