VDSL call to action in new online RadCom

| May 7, 2020

The May RadCom carried a call to action from the RSGB President, asking everyone who is suffering from HF interference due to broadband VDSL to submit a complaint to Ofcom.

This edition of RadCom is now on the RSGB website as a sample issue for all radio amateurs—find it at rsgb.org/sampleradcom.

We urge all who are suffering from VDSL interference to submit complaints to Ofcom.

Details of how to report interference can be found in the May edition of RadCom and on the RSGB website at rsgb.org/vdsl-reporting.

Many amateurs have already submitted complaints to Ofcom and we would like to thank those for doing so.

But we would like yet more people to submit complaints.

We have to persuade Ofcom to take action against this threat to our hobby.

Category: Front Page News, GB2RS Headlines