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| June 21, 2019

A newly-digitised classic film of the 25th Anniversary Congress of the IARU is now on the RSGB YouTube channel. Taking place in 1950, the Congress was attended by many well-known amateurs from around the world. The silent film also includes some marvellously authentic street scenes—and some decidedly odd motor vehicles. In the Film Archive on the RSGB website you can also read the Bulletin report from August 1950 on the same event, as well as view other historic films and articles.

Former Colliery Sites on the Air takes place on 25 June 2019 from 7 to 9pm. It’s easy to take part and there are very few rules—all you need is a 2m handheld. For full details visit

The latest edition of Six News is now available for UK Six Metre Group members to download from The printed edition has been sent out to those members who take it but all members are able to access the digital version.

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