Also in GB2RS this week…

| May 24, 2019

Dementia Awareness Week is run by Alzheimer Scotland from 3 to 9 June. Peter, MM0NQY will be running GB2DAW during this time to help raise the worldwide amateur community’s awareness of dementia. Operating from the Shetland Islands, Scotland, on various bands and times, Peter hopes that the end result may be a worldwide net where operators with dementia could talk to each other. For more information please see the entry for GB2DAW.

Next Saturday and Sunday sees this year’s Museum Ships Weekend. Transmissions will be sent from all sorts of old and special ships worldwide, enabling unique QSOs. Around 110 museum ships around the world have registered to take part, including seven or so that are new to the event. Ships and boats from submarines to aircraft carriers will be on the air and a full list can be found on the Museum Ships Weekend Event page.

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