Artistic SSTV from Iceland

| April 12, 2019

Until 29 April 2019, as part of an art installation in Iceland by Lucy Helton, KD2MFV, SSTV images will be transmitted by TF3JA.

The images, appropriated from the Reykjavik Museum of Photography’s collection, are of Icelandic glaciers photographed many years ago.

Amateur radio operators who receive these transmissions are being asked to print out the images received and post them back to Lucy, using instructions on

In exchange, when she has assembled the printed pieces to reconstruct the whole image transmitted, QSLs of the completed images will be sent back to the participating amateurs.

Each single transmission consists of 12 SSTV images and five different glacier images will be transmitted over 15 days.

Look for USB signals on 14.230MHz at 1300, 1800 and 2300UTC.

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