More Convention videos on YouTube

| November 16, 2018

Two more 2018 RSGB Convention talks are now on YouTube.

Using Drones to Measure Antenna Radiation Patterns by Jenny Bailey, G0VQH looks at how antenna radiation patterns are difficult to measure because antennas are typically high above the ground.

A practical method of measuring the radiation field around an antenna could be with a drone.

This video deals with the CAA restrictions, drone selection, payload and operation as well as measurement antenna design and plotting the results.

The second video is An Introduction to SDRs and GNU Radio by Heather Lomond, M0HMO.

She gives an overview of what is in an software defined radio, the types of tasks they can do for us and how to get started with them, as well as an introduction to some digital signal processing techniques such as IQ modulation, filters, DDS and FFT demodulation.

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