New FM repeater satellite

| November 24, 2017

A new easy-to-use amateur radio satellite was launched last weekend and was switched on for general use on Thursday.

AO-91, also known as RadFxSat and Fox-1B is a Cubesat that carries an FM transponder.

The uplink is on 435.250MHz FM, plus or minus Doppler, with a mandatory 67Hz CTCSS tone for access.

The downlink is on 145.960MHz FM.

The present position of the satellite can be seen at and all amateurs are invited to listen out for the bird.

The northernmost point of its orbit periodically passes roughly over Bedford, meaning that it will give good service over the whole of the British Isles, Europe, and beyond.

Full details about the satellite are on the AMSAT-UK website.

By coincidence, another AMSAT mission, FUNcube-1, also known as AO-73, celebrated its fourth birthday in space this week.

It has travelled well over 500 million miles in orbit since launch and been received tens of thousands of times.

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