ARDF team heads to Lithuania

| September 1, 2017

The RSGB Direction Finding team, which is entirely self-funded, is flying out to Lithuania this weekend for the 21st Region 1 ARDF Championships.

There is a strong team in the M50 category, that is men aged from 50 to 59, with individuals competing in the M60 and M70 categories. Four separate competitions make up the Championships. There are Classic races on 2m and the other on 80m, where five transmitters send in sequence on a common frequency.

FoxOring competitors receive a map giving approximate locations of the very low power transmitters, which are only audible for 100m or so. They use a combination of orienteering and radio direction finding skills to find the hidden transmitters.

The event runs from Tuesday to Sunday and you can follow progress by looking for ardf2017 in your favourite search engine.

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