Newsreader G4NZQ retires after 23 years

| July 7, 2017

Phillip Brooks, G4NZQ has been looking after the GB2RS news service in Norwich since 20 November 1994, which makes it almost 23 years of newsreading.

Together with support from the local stand-in news readers, he has provided an unbroken service over that period.

Phillip has decided it is time to retire, although the others in the team, David, G7URP, Roger, G3LDI and Mike, G4DYC are going to keep the service going, probably on a rota basis, so all will be well!

The RSGB would like to thank Phillip for his many years of service to GB2RS and has recognised this commitment with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Category: Front Page News, GB2RS Headlines