Also in GB2RS this week…

| February 24, 2017

The RSGB Board proceedings for the 17 December 2016 meeting have been released and can be read on the RSGB website.

The GM DX Convention 2017 will be held at the King Robert Hotel, Whins of Milton, Stirling, on 1 April 2017. Lectures include Chris, G3SVL speaking about the ZL7G Chatham Island DXpedition and SDR ‘with knobs on’ by John, G3WGV.

The RSGB has added more from the RSGB 2016 Convention to the new video page for Members. They are freely available for you to download but please read the RSGB’s conditions of use first.

Plans for YOTA 2017 are progressing and the Youth Committee had a chance to meet at Gilwell Park in early February, where they were able to see the layout of the site, including the shack. They also met some of the Radio Scouting team who will be helping out during the YOTA 2017 week in August. Some of the team have recorded vlogs to explain their role in the event, so look out for those over the next few weeks. You can help the RSGB to make YOTA 2017 event a great success by becoming a financial supporter. Any one who donates more than £15 receives a supporters’ pin—find out more at

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