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| February 10, 2017

RSGB President Nick Henwood, G3RWF is writing a report on the implementation of the 2015 Review of Contesting. A questionnaire forms an important part of the input to this report, but there will also be feedback from clubs, groups and individuals as well as factual analysis of performance where possible. The questionnaire is now available on the RSGB website and will remain live until 19 March 2017. All those interested in the future of contesting are urged to complete it. Whether or not you are a Member of the RSGB, the Society is asking for your help and input. The President also welcomes offers of assistance, or requests to talk or meet—contact him via The report will be completed by early April 2017.

ClubLog has updated their latest DXCC Most Wanted List as of 31 January 2017. The information is derived from QSOs uploaded to ClubLog. Currently there are 339 entities listed.

A new edition of Examination Announcements has been published (5-page/235KB PDF)—its contents include challenges and appeals, practical assessments and feedback on Advanced exams in 2016.

As part of the Society’s drive to improve communications across the organisation, the Chairman of the Board is going to investigate suggestions that the RSGB is not responding in a timely manner to comments received via Have Your Say. He will report his findings to the Board by 17 March 2017.

On 13 February, ITU will join the global celebrations for World Radio Day, the day set aside to celebrate the unique power of broadcast radio. The ITU continues working to enable innovation in radio communications as well as ensuring that transmission standards and spectrum are available for digital radio in MF, HF and VHF broadcasting bands, and that there are approved international regulatory frameworks in place to allow for a smooth migration from analogue to digital radio.

AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NL have confirmed that the Nayif-1 CubeSat, which has a full FUNcube payload, is now scheduled for launch at 0358UTC on 15 February 2017. The flight, C-37, will carry a total of 104 satellites into orbit. As with previous missions carrying FUNcube payloads, AMSAT-UK would very much like to receive as many reports as possible from stations around the world, especially shortly after launch. Telemetry, using 1k2 BPSK to the FUNcube standard, will be on 145.940MHz. The linear transponder uplink will be on 435.045 to 435.015MHz and the downlink on 145.960 to 145.990MHz. Full details at

Thinking Day on the Air will take place over the weekend of 18 and 19 February 2017. This is an opportunity for the members of Girlguiding from the youngest Rainbow to the oldest Trefoil Guild member to talk to other members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world via amateur radio. A list of known stations due to be on the air can be seen at For further information contact Liz Jones, M0ACL by email to

Lots of people have views on what the RSGB should or should not do. Here is your chance to have your say. The RSGB Board has been working with strategy expert Chris Deacon, G4IFX, the Leadership Team and Headquarters staff to develop a strategy for the next five years. That work has been boiled down into a one-page document with a narrative to explain the context and background. We would now like your views. The draft strategy and narrative are online at where you will also find an online survey where you can express your views. If you need a paper version of the questionnaire, please call the RSGB General Manager’s office on 01234 832 700.

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