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| November 18, 2016

The deep seated major earthquake of magnitude 7.5 that struck the South Island of New Zealand last Monday still has people cut off from road transport due to massive slips and damage. Amateur Radio Emergency Communications National Director Jeff Sayer, ZL4JS advises us that AREC offered its services, but were not needed as the civil infrastructure was coping well. AREC served well during the Christchurch earthquake of 2011, and the latest tremor brought back memories to many of that disaster.

The official rules for World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 to be held in Germany are now available. Noteworthy among the WRTC 2018 rules is permitting the use of spectrum or waterfall displays, and a prohibition on the use of second or sub-receivers. It will continue the two-operator, two-transmitter format of the earlier WRTCs so both stations will be permitted to transmit at any time to maximise their scoring. Also, only one computer is permitted to be attached to each radio, and PCs used in the effort must connect via wired Ethernet. See for full details of this event.

On the 13th of November, a new Greenlandic beacon, OX4M, went on the air from HQ90AL. The frequency is 70.047MHz, running 25W into a dipole radiating north/south. The beacon transmits PI4 + CW + carrier and also has a sister beacon OX6M on 50.047MHz.

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