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| September 16, 2016

In preparation for the 2017 IARU Region 1 Conference, the RSGB has updated its consultation forums so that UK amateurs can suggest topics on matters such as HF/VHF operating or technical recommendations, band plans, contests, EMC and amateur radio development. The initial phase is an open call and will be followed by further opportunities as UK papers are developed, or subsequently when all meeting papers are available. There are separate discussion forums covering EMC, HF, VHF/Microwave and more general matters. We would particularly appreciate initial topics by the middle of October, in time for the annual RSGB Spectrum Forum meeting on 29 October 2016. More general help on the RSGB Forums system, including registration, can be found under What is this site and how does it work? If you wish to take part in the consultation go to

The UK Space Agency’s Astronaut Flight Education Programme Support Manager Susan Buckle will be giving a presentation at the RSGB 2016 Convention on Saturday, 8 October 2016. Along with Ciaran Morgan, M0XTD she will talk about the 10 UK ARISS amateur radio school contacts with astronaut Tim Peake GB1SS during his Principia mission on the International Space Station. An RSGB video celebrates these historic school contacts and the range of linked activities the schools enjoyed.

From 3 to 10 October 2016 the British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association will be hosting the very first International Young Ladies Radio Convention to be held in this country. There are ladies and their partners booked into the Novotel in Milton Keynes from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Germany, Iceland, Scotland, Sweden and the USA. More details at

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