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| March 4, 2016

A review is ongoing of the syllabus for all three levels of Radio Communications exams. This is being done by the Examinations Group and the Syllabus Review Working Group. The intention is to better align the Advanced with HAREC and to smooth out the steps more evenly between the different levels of exam. Also, the syllabus will be refreshed to include more recent technologies and practices currently in use. Later this year an advanced draft of the new syllabus is expected to be available, and there will be consultation with the training community. No changes will be implemented before January 2018 and at least 12 months notice will be given between the formal release of the new syllabus and the start of the corresponding updated exams.

During last year’s President’s Review of Contesting, some work was carried out on alternative scoring systems for VHF contests, with the aim of making the scoring evenly balanced across the country. This activity wasn’t completed and a commitment was made to come back to the subject in 2016. Volunteers who would like to get involved with this analysis would be welcome. The task will involve analysis of the open logs that are now being generated, along with other publicly available data, so the ability to manipulate and analyse large datasets will be very helpful. If you’d like more information, or just want to offer your help, please contact Andy Cook, G4PIQ, via email to

The Early Days of MFJ will be the topic as MFJ Founder Martin Jue, K5FLU, keynotes the 31st annual Dayton DX Dinner, sponsored by the SouthWest Ohio DX Association. Held in conjunction with the 2016 Dayton Hamvention®, the dinner will be on Friday, 20 May at the Marriott Hotel, 1414 S. Patterson Boulevard, Dayton.

The MSF 60kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down on Thursday, 10 March from 1000 to 1400UTC. The interruption to the transmission is required to allow maintenance work to be carried out in safety. More information is online.

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