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| November 27, 2015

Rebecca Hughes, M6BUB, has organised a youth night net hosted on the North Wales 2m repeater GB3MP. Sixteen-year-old Rebecca is a member of the RSGB’s Youth Committee and sees this initiative as a way of bringing the young amateurs of the English north-west and North Wales together on a weekly basis. The youth net will be starting on Wednesday, 2 December at 7pm and Rebecca, M6BUB, will be the net controller. Several of the Southport and District ARC committee, Rebecca’s local club, have volunteered to keep an ear out to ensure that licence conditions are complied with and that the youngsters are kept safe. For further information visit

APRS Cave-Link uses amateur radio’s Automatic Packet Reporting System, or APRS, inside caves to get their position data and other messages out of the caves it has been reported on Digipeaters and battery packs are dropped, in Hansel and Gretel fashion, as the cavers work their way through the cave. The trick is to make sure to place one repeater before they’ve entirely lost the radio signal from the previous one. But a test of the APRS Cave-Link project got a full mile’s worth of transmission in Mammoth Cave without using wires at all.

ANZAC commemorations are closing with VI4ANZAC, commemorating the work of the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train (RANBT). The station will be on the air from 12 to 20 December. The Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train served as engineers, and often as wireless operators, at Kangaroo Beach, Suvla Bay, with the British Army from August to December 1915. They were in fact the last Australians off of the Gallipoli Peninsula. All the details, frequencies and times of VI4ANZAC operations, plus the story of the RANBT, is on

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