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| October 23, 2015

Still on EMC matters the CENELEC Committee TC210 WG 11 has completed the standard for in-home PLC devices that operate above 30MHz. The first standard in the family, EN 50561-1, covers the frequency range up to 30MHz and was debated heavily amongst radio users. It does safeguard the broadcast, amateur and aeronautical frequencies, but the fairly high emission limit of 110dBµV spoils the rest of the spectrum for local use. EN 50561-3 covers measurement setup and limits for frequencies above 30MHz. It specifies a fairly low emission limit value, between 85 and 80dBµV, depending on frequency. Additionally, the 50 and 70MHz amateur bands were notched down to 55dBµV. This coming standard will help to keep the amateur spectrum cleaner than it might otherwise have been.

The United Nations amateur radio club station, 4U1UN, will mark the UN’s 70th anniversary by operating this weekend with the callsign 4U70UN. It’s not exactly a QSO Party, but it is a celebration of international proportions. The club’s station will set up in a garden area on the ground level of the UN’s Manhattan headquarters and operate during daylight hours only. Operators plan to be on as many bands, in as many modes, as possible. Satellite operation will also be included. DXers, take note: 4U1UN is considered a separate DXCC entity. Visit for QSL card details. Please do not send QSL cards to the UN.

We’ve heard of an interesting job vacancy that may appeal to a radio amateur. The Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Bath University is looking for a highly skilled, adaptable and self- motivated Toolmaker / Skilled Machinist / Technician to provide hands-on technical support and supervision in the department’s manufacturing workshop and laboratories. If you are interested, full details are on the Bath University website.

As you may have noticed if you have been tuning around the HF bands this weekend, the CQWW SSB 48 hour contest is in progress. It ends at 2359 GMT tonight. The corresponding CW leg is next month, over the weekend of the 28th to 29th of November.

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