Greek high-altitude balloon launch

| May 8, 2015

AEOLUS team, a group of Greek radio amateurs, will make a second attempt to send a payload carrying amateur radio equipment to the stratosphere.

The special callsign granted for this is J43VHF and the flight name is AEOLUS-2WAY.

The balloon launch is scheduled for 10 May at 0800UTC.

Radio amateurs will be able to communicate with the control station, J43VHF, on 144.220MHz USB.

Another possibility is 7.120MHz LSB.

The control team will have an uplink to the HAB in the 23cm band.

The balloon’s 150mW APRS beacon will be operating as J43VHF-11 on 438.100MHz, though at 1200bps instead of the 9600bps more commonly used at UHF. For more details look for J43VHF on

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