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| April 17, 2015

The RSGB AGM is taking place on 25 April at 12 noon in the Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, Russell Square, London WC1H 0DG. Doors will be open from 11am until 11.45am for registration and refreshments will be available. Lunch will be available from 1pm at a small charge. All business will be concluded by 4pm. The proceedings will be recorded and made available on the RSGB website. Please preregister your attendance online at to help with calculating numbers.

Beacon and repeater insurance arranged via the RSGB is due for renewal on 29 April. The RSGB is in discussions with the insurers on the renewal terms for the forthcoming year and will advise all current policy holders via email when they are available. The emails will include a link to the RSGB shop to renew.

Following the report in last week’s GB2RS on the HB9AW 60m propagation beacon success, news has now come in that the HB9AW club are looking for participation from amateurs across Europe to set up a network of unified receiving stations. Each of these stations consists of a loop antenna, an SDR receiver and a data collection computer that sends back the received signal strength information to a central server in Switzerland via the internet. By using standardised stations, the data becomes comparable and will give a more accurate picture of 60 metre propagation across Europe. The complete receiving station costs 220 Swiss Francs, that’s around £160. Those willing to help can find all details on the club website at

A film production company is looking for help from radio amateurs, particularly those who had a career in the maritime industry. A large portion of the films props are themed around radios, transmitters, receivers and all the equipment that is subsequently related to maritime radio. Portishead Radio Station is one of the sets that is being recreated. There are a series of photos on the RSGB website at they are looking to identify the equipment in use. Separately, we have received another request for any information on the Marconi Kestrel transmitter/receiver and the Shannon Mark 3. If you can help with any of these requests, please send an email to

The amateur radio section of ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Documentary Archive Radio Communications QSL Collection will operate OE15M for International Marconi Day. The operation will be from 0000UTC on 24 April to 2359UTC on the 26th. As this is an official International Marconi Day station, contacts made on 25 April are valid for the IMD Award. QSL via OE1WHC via the bureau.

The 432MHz beacon GB3ANG, located just north of Dundee, changed frequency on 13 April to 432.453MHz to comply with the new IARU Region 1 432MHz band plan. The opportunity was taken to replace the old beacon transmitter built by GM8BJF that had been in continuous service for 33 years. The other beacons located at GB3ANG on 70, 144 and 1296MHz remain the same. The installation was done by the beacon keeper, GM4ZUK, with the kind assistance of GM4FEI.

Finally, some news of nets for current and ex-services personnel and their supporters. The Tri-Service Net takes place on Sunday mornings at 9am on 5.403MHz and on Tuesday evenings at 7pm on 5.3985 or 5.395MHz. The Northern Net is at 10am on Sundays on 7.065MHz. RN Nets takes place on Sunday mornings at 8am on 3.667MHz and on Mondays at 7pm on 3.743MHz or 7.065MHz. The DX Net is on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 14:30UTC on 21.410MHz, followed by a CW session. The Stand Easy net is on Wednesdays at 2pm on 7.088MHz. The G0DLH Memorial Net is at 8am on Saturdays on 3.743MHz AM or 7.088MHz. Finally, the Bubblies Net runs every Monday to Saturday morning at 10.30am on 7.065MHz.

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