VK to G link on 477kHz

| January 16, 2015

Using the new OPERA Dynamic MF/LF beacon mode, VK5CV transmitted at 1630UTC on 15 January using 477kHz and was spotted by G8HUH, receiving at -37dB. Data recovered from the PSK-Map database shows the capture to fit exactly with the OPERA Dynamic time signature. Opera Dynamic provides an additional 5 or 6dB gain over the conventional Opera Beacon and is automatically engaged should the decoder fail. The facility is linked to the OP8 477kHz and OP32 136kHz modes only. VK5CV reported using 50 watts carrier power to 160m inverted L with a base loaded variometer. Those involved say that this may have been one of the ‘Flash’ propagation events linked to the MF band; to date UK/EU to VK has yet to be achieved.

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