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| November 7, 2014

The Bath-based distance learning team have opened enrolment for their January to June 2015 course. For most people, distance learning is not as good as face-to-face training but these courses are ideal for anyone who cannot make it to traditional classroom events. In short, weekly work packages are sent out to students who complete the studying at home and submit answers to revision questions and exercises via the internet. Some video tutorials and demonstrations are included in the course material and links to other useful resources are also provided. The courses have been running for four years now with a pass rate for those that finish the course of 90 percent. Revision support is provided for those that don’t make it through first time. Enrolment for the next course closes mid-January, ready for a start on January the 25th. Contact Steve Hartley, G0FUW, via e-mail to

The FM Radio Data System website reports that some countries appear to be planning to extend the FM broadcast band downward. According to a web post, Brazilian telecommunications regulator ANATEL confirmed the planned extension of the FM band down to 76MHz. The entire story is online at

On 29 October, the Digital Mobile Radio system added its 10,000th user ID. There are now over 800 DMR repeaters in 33 countries, allowing amateurs using DMR radios to talk to each other globally using the internet. You can find further information on this online at

Belgian stations have been given permission to use the prefix OP instead of the usual ON during November each year until 2018. This is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

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