RadCom Plus

| October 15, 2014

The RSGB is preparing to launch a new online quarterly newsletter with a specific focus on technical topics.

Amateur radio construction projectNamed RadCom Plus, this new online publication will be free to all RSGB Members.

The aim is to bring RSGB Members the very best in technical articles covering a wide range of topics—not only to bring you new and original ideas, but also to provide the technical background that everyone needs for ‘self training’ beyond the UK licence exams.

RadCom Plus will not replace the existing technical content of RadCom, but the online publication will allow authors and readers the freedom to explore topics in much more detail.

RadCom Plus will be a volunteer effort and the development team are already on the lookout for authors and helpers to join us in making RadCom Plus a success.

If you already have material on your own website, we can provide the help you need to transform those ideas into an article.

Most important of all, please let us know what kind of technical articles you would like to see in RadCom Plus.

Please email your comments and suggestions to gm3sek@ifwtech.co.uk.

We’d like to hear from you.

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