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| October 3, 2014

Just a few days to go to the RSGB Convention at the Kent’s Hill Conference Centre in Milton Keynes on the 10th to the 12th of this month. The final programme is available on the RSGB website. The principal sponsor is Martin Lynch and Sons. American exams will be available on Sunday the 12th at 1pm. Ideally candidates should e-mail Martin, G3ZAY via in advance, so enough papers can be prepared, although you can decide on the day. Candidates will need to bring photo ID and have a US mailing address for the FCC forms, as well as the exam fee, but G3ZAY can advise on those matters. Day tickets for the Convention are available on the door at the event for one day or both the Saturday and Sunday.

On 18 October 1924, two-way communication was established between Frank Bell, 4AA in New Zealand and Cecil Goyder, 2SZ, operating from Mill Hill School in North London. To commemorate the 90th anniversary of this historic contact, radio amateurs at stations in Mill Hill School and New Zealand will recreate the first Goyder-Bell contact, hopefully on a wavelength close to that used in 1924. The callsign 2SZ will be aired from 11 to 18 October from Mill Hill School. Pupils will be able to visit the radio station, speak to the operators, and even speak over the air. Whilst the station won’t be open to the public, on 18 October there will be a live webcam at the school covering the communications and celebrations. In New Zealand, a special station, using the callsign ZL4AA, will be operating from Shag Valley in South Island during the same week.

At a recent meeting with their regulator, the South African Radio League reached an agreement to exchange their 5MHz channel at 5250kHz, which is used for propagation experiments, for the more common beacon channel of 5290kHz. ZS6KTS and the other stations in the South African 5MHz WSPR Cluster changed frequency on 4 October. Their other channel at 5260kHz remains in use as normal for general contacts.

The RAYNET Convention and Network AGM takes place at the SkillZone Centre, Tuffley Road, Gloucester GL4 0AS on 25 October. Members of all RAYNET affiliations are most welcome to attend the event, which will include several lectures. A booking form to indicate attendance, book for lunch and make choices for the evening meal is available online at and the deadline for submission of booking forms is Monday 13 October.

Idle Motion Theatre Company is on tour with That is All You Need to Know. Set at Bletchley Park, this piece of devised theatre tells the story of the remarkable men and women who cracked the Enigma code including Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman. Dates remaining are 7 October in Tonbridge, 8th to 11th at Jacksons Lane, London, 14 October in Bedford, 15 October in High Wycombe, Hereford on the 16th, Barnsley on the 17th, Farnham on the 21st, Salisbury on the 22nd and Havant on the 23rd. Tickets were still available as this bulletin was being prepared.

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