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| September 19, 2014

The RSGB Convention takes place between the 10th and 12th October and will be held at the Kent’s Hill Conference Centre in Milton Keynes. It is, once again, sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons, whom the RSGB thank for their continued support of the event. The latest lecture schedule is available on the RSGB website. Select the ‘About Us’ drop down menu on the main site for Convention details. Visitors should note that tickets for the Technical Dinner on Saturday evening are now sold out but Gala Dinner tickets for the same evening are still available. Weekend packages and Pick and Mix options should be booked on the RSGB website, see Day tickets with no other bookings will only be available on the door.

K1IED who is the QSL Manager for United States Antarctic stations KC4AAA, KC4AAC and KC4USV says that all three are now using Logbook of the World. K1IED notes that logs from the past two years, as well some that are older have already been uploaded. There is the possibility that some other older logs could be uploaded in the future as well.

The RSGB Amateur Radio Direction Finding Team has arrived back from the 2014 World Championships which were held in Kazakhstan. They brought with them a record haul of four medals, all of them silver.

The most notable achievement was the silver medal won by team manager David Williams M3WDD in the 2 metre Classic race. His M50 category (that is men aged between 50 and 59) is one of the most competitive categories and the performances at the top are often breathtakingly good. This is the first time an RSGB member has ‘broken through’ into the top flight of one of these age categories. The remaining medals came in the slightly less competitive M70 category. The major team competition here came from the Swedes and from the Germans. In the 2m Classic race we were beaten by the Swedes and in the 80m Classic race it was the Germans who were on the top of the podium. Despite this Robert Vickers G3ORI snatched a silver medal in the 2m Classic race and thereby underpinned the team’s silver medal won in that race.

The ARRL Centennial W1AW portable operations taking place throughout 2014 from each of the 50 states are now in Colorado, New Hampshire and Texas. W1AW has visited each of the 50 states for at least 1 week so far during 2014 and, by the year’s end, W1AW will have been on the air from every state at least twice, as well as from most US territories.

The triennial General Conference of IARU Region 1 is being held in Albena, Bulgaria from 21st to 27th September 2014 and a small delegation from the RSGB will be in attendance. There are nearly 70 proposals under consideration that will help to improve the coordination of amateur radio within our Region over the next three years. From 18th to 26th September 2014, the special call sign LZ14IARU to commemorate the event will be active from the Grand Flamingo Hotel in Albena. QSL via the bureau.

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