Software developers at the RSGB Convention

| July 11, 2014

The RSGB Convention takes place on 10 to 12 October at Kent’s Hill, Milton Keynes. There are some very exciting lectures and workshops planned. On Saturday, a workshop and show-and-tell session for programmers developing logging software, data modes, computer control systems, SDR, remote control and other innovations in radio software has been arranged. All are welcome and if you would like time in the session to discuss your software, contact Michael Wells, G7VJR in advance. Jim Bacon, G3YLA will be bringing delegates up to date on the latest 2014 season of Sporadic-E and revealing the results of some new techniques to try to second guess the phenomenon. He will also introduce a new item to the amateur radio community from the world of weather and propagation with a review of current research to examine the effects of climate change upon the ionosphere. Does global warming mean that DX is hotting up or is a DX Ice Age coming? Weekend packages that can be tuned to the individuals are available from the RSGB website.

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