Noise Measurement Campaign on the RSGB website

| June 13, 2014

The Noise Measurement Campaign, started in August 2013, now has a dedicated webpage on the RSGB website

The Campaign is an attempt to monitor the HF background noise and to display the results for different locations around the country. Anyone can submit measurements. The project is aimed at making people more aware of their local noise environment and, in some cases, understanding the contributions from power line adapters, RF emanations from switch-mode PSUs, plasma TV’s, etc. Whilst the current display is proving helpful, it is hoped that more may be able to be done later with the data, possibly in conjunction with the RSGB Noise Floor Study, details of which are also on the RSGB website.

Development of the page was funded through the RSGB Legacy Committee, using a bequest generously provided by the late Ken Rowell, G5RL. Information about the campaign can be found on the new web page along with additional links for further information.

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